BPO services, Tips and Resources

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Tips and Resources

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) has gained immense popularity and success in the last few years, allowing companies to achieve their goals and profits in relatively less time. Now businesses focus more on their core product and acquire BPO services like call centers and customer services from credible and certified companies. BPO and Revolution in the Market BPO vendors have made …

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ISO certified call center in Dubai

Why Should Your Call Center be ISO Certified?

Are you looking for an ISO-certified call center in Dubai to outsource your business process? Do you know why all businesses nowadays look for ISO-certified call centers? Here we have briefly discussed ISO certification and its benefits for your business. What is ISO Certification? International Organization for Standardization – ISO provides certification to those organizations which implement all the international …

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Benefits of using COPC standards in contact centre

Benefits of using COPC (Customer Operation Process Center) standards in a contact centre

COPC (Customer Operation Process Center) standards are a set of best practices that allow organizations to deliver call centre services in a way that is consistent with the customer experience. And to know more about how it will positively affect your business and why you should keep attention to it, you should read on! Benefits of using COPC standards in …

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Ways to get your agents ready to improve customer experience management

Ways to get your agents ready to improve customer service

ALL businesses are built on the customers’ loyalty. So, every business must ensure their customers get the best experience with them. This is the main reason big companies and brands spend considerable earnings building excellent customer experience management.  Here are three simple ways to improve your customer service: Get trained and active staff: Ensure that your team members are well-trained …

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Why is an Internship Important?

Every employer wants experienced people to join their team. Because today’s market relies heavily on resumes with prior experience, having a practical work background carries significant value to your resume. Once you’re in the job market, there is a lot of competition and to get ahead you should consider the option of an internship.  Here are some of the reasons …

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